TV’s Very First Interracial Kiss — 2021 november

06 Авг 2021

TV's Very First Interracial Kiss - 2021 november


Did the very first interracial kiss happen on Star Trek?

-- Walter Sharpe, Cleveland, Ohio


The first kiss between an African American and a White American occurred long before the innovation of the tv. The first Black-White kiss on US network television is usually credited to your celebrity Trek episode, "Plato's Stepchildren," which first aired on November 22, 1968.

In this episode, Captain Kirk of this Enterprise Starship, their very first officer Mr. Spock, and primary officer that is medical Dr. McCoy "beamed down" to an earth that had delivered a stress call. They encountered the Platonians, a human-like race of sadistic bullies who had the dress and mannerisms of Earth's ancient Greeks when they arrived. All of the Platonians, except for Alexander, a dwarf who was simply held as a jester and slave, had telekinetic powers. The stress call had been delivered because Parman, the Platonian leader, had contamination in their leg. Continue reading TV’s Very First Interracial Kiss — 2021 november