From Tinder Robots To ‘Cuban Twitter’, Welcome To ‘Cognitive Hacking’

09 Сен 2021

From Tinder Robots To 'Cuban Twitter', Welcome To 'Cognitive Hacking'

This week observed the visibility of a U.S. government-funded energy to provide a Twitter-like social network in Cuba also known as ZunZuneo. It absolutely was really successful, shutting lower mainly because it became too-big, too fast. Disregarding the embargo on conducting business in Cuba, it may well likely perhaps not manage so bad, excepting the enigmatic side providers, the break-ins of 500000 Cuban phone numbers to jump beginning the community in addition to the stealth profiling of customers' governmental leanings through reports. The humanitarian agency behind the project -- USAID -- explained it really would like to develop a network in which consumers could talk among by themselves (simillar to the channels that served activists throughout Arab early spring) although undeniable fact that those working the circle peppered individuals with relaxed reports and exams to try to make out her ideological bents conveys to some other history: which they wished to discover who had been the majority of sympathetic toward the U.S., perhaps with wants to render those essentially the most powerful about internet. This is a sophisticated test at cognitive hacking -- strangely being done by an aid organization instead of the CIA.

The U.S. national is much from on your own; scientists, politicians and businesses are trying their unique arms at cognitive hacking as well. Continue reading From Tinder Robots To ‘Cuban Twitter’, Welcome To ‘Cognitive Hacking’