Records from each city hallway

17 Мар 2021

Records from each city hallway

Overviews for the city halls are below. Click on the name for the PDF of this records through the breakout sessions at each and every town hall.

23 – Money talks We examined how to strengthen education, health care, child care and other services that help Alabamians make ends meet june. So we explored approaches to fund those services more equitably.

July 7 justice that is all We discussed Alabama’s unjust criminal justice system and just how to repair it. Continue reading Records from each city hallway

Without a doubt about what’s a cash purchase And how can It Work?

28 Дек 2020

Without a doubt about what's a cash purchase And how can It Work?

The humble money order may seem somewhat quaint in a world of digital payments. Having the ability to directly move payments via app, pay by having a credit or debit card, compose a check that is personal also spend with cash, why can you ever want to work with a cash purchase?

No matter how advanced financial technology may get although the days of money orders' being a common form of payment are behind us, money orders still serve an important need—one that isn't easily duplicated by other forms of payment.

Here is what you should learn about just what a cash purchase is, exactly just how cash orders work and whenever and just how to make use of them.

Exactly What's A money Purchase?

Just like a check, a money purchase is just a paper kind of re re payment. Nevertheless, cash instructions are very different from individual checks for the reason that their re re payment is guaranteed in full. Unlike a check, cash requests can not jump. That is as you obtain a cash purchase with cash or any other guaranteed in full kind of re payment, such as for instance a tourist's check or even a debit card. You cannot buy cash order with a individual check or a bank card.

In addition, when selecting a cash order, you have to supply the title for the payee (the receiver). Continue reading Without a doubt about what’s a cash purchase And how can It Work?